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Questions and answers about TA-65® for Skin

Can TA-65® for Skin make so-called age spots disappear?

After continuous application these brown spots can fade.

Is TA-65® Skin the only product for skin care?

TA-65® for Skin is not intended to replace another product.
TA-65® for Skin has not been tested with other products, but it should be compatible with other skin cream products.
TA-65® for Skin should be used with other skin products.
When using TA-65® for Skin together with other products, we recommend using TA-65® for Skin first on clean, dry skin.
All externally applicable products without sun protection factor should be used together with sun protection if the skin is exposed to the sun.

Should the facial skin be dry or wet before use?

Experiences are only available when applied to dry skin.
Gentle massage into the skin improves the absorption.
It is recommended to apply TA-65® for Skin to the entire face, not only on problem areas. The direct eye area should be avoided.