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For a powerful immune system

Coronavirus and other pathogens challenge our immune system in order not to fall seriously ill or not at all.

Spiegel online science

Report of 3 May 2004: "Suspicion confirmed: telomeres control the life expectancy".

Old-age research - Lecture by a Nobel laureate in Jena

Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn gave a lecture on her research on aging in Jena.

Harper's Bazaar Magazine, The new youth pill

The new youth pill, which is wonders for your skin. October 2011

Suzanne Somers "Bombshell"

Suzanne Somers "Bombshell"
Excerpt from her new book, "Explosive medical secrets that will redefine aging"
May 2012 read here (PDF)

Article about "The new anti-aging pill" in ELLE magazine.

An article in the August 2011 issue about "The new Anti-Aging Pill".

Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. The producer of TA-65®

Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. The producer of TA-65®

Suicide - Enlightenment is necessary!

A different topic, but very important:
Every year, 10,000 people die in suicide, more than in traffic accidents, drugs and AIDS.