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Questions and answers about Telomere measurement

Not all individuals age at the same rate, although they have the same chronological age.

What are the factors that affect the length of my telomeres?

Genetics and lifestyle are fundamental factors that influence the length of the telomeres and the rate of shortening.

Why do I need to know my biological age?

Firstly, it is an excellent indicator of overall over-all health.
Second, to know our biological age allows us to get a better understanding of our living habits that affect aging.

How to calculate?

Life Length is the biological age with a mathematical formula that takes into account the individual chronological age group, which is then assessed by the result of the telomere length.

How often should I measure my telomeres?

We recommend that persons who are interested in monitoring their telomeric length repeat this measurement annually.
One can consider periods of six months if there were significant changes in the lifestyle.

What if I get a "bad" result? What can I do?

The report provides detailed information on your total telomere length, including your 20th percentile, as well as a statistically estimated biological age.