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Is CA-98 comparable with TA-65®MD?

In TA-65® MD a natural specific compound of the Astragalus membranaceus moench root is used, in contrast to CA-98, a cheap imitate, containing an unknown  fraction of Astragalus root extract (with 98% Cycloastragenol), powder of the entire Astragalus root and a questionable mixture of various other ingredients.

The actual  content of the active ingredient Cycloastragenol per capsule is questionable. The statement of 98% relates to the purity and the content probably is mainly simple Astragalus root powder.
It has been reported  that even after prolonged usage of CA-98 not a single effect was noticeable.

One capsule TA-65®MD 250 units contains 25 mg of a specific natural compound, which - taken daily significantly increase telomere length. This has been confirmed by a randomized double-blind and placebo-controlled study with 117 subjects. The extremely complex and costly, unique and patented  production process of TA.Sciences, enables the extraction and concentration of this compound in order to obtain the active compound of TA-65®. This ingridients occurs only in very minute quantities in the Astragalus root. All this justifies the relatively high price of TA-65®MD, the latest and purest version of the TA-65® compound.
Commercial products, such as astragalus powder, CA-98, or simply an astragalus extract, do not contain a detectable amount of effective substances.
To achieve the recommended daily dose of TA-65®MD 250 units, one would have to take so large quantities, which is hardly possible. Astragalus powder contains all the components of the root and only traces of the effective substances. 4 tons of powder are needed to extract 1 kg of the TA-65® compound.

TA-65®MD 250 units, 90 capsules cost 540 EUR. A daily intake of one capsule significantly  increases telomere length by telomerase activation, as indicated above, thus reducing the risk of age related diseases.

90 capsules of CA-98 cost 366 EUR with a recommended daily intake of  2 to 4 capsules. Therefore, CA-98 is well above the price of TA-65®MD, except that CA-98 has not shown any significant efficacy in any study, and the true amount of effective substance per capsule is unknown.